BUSINESS NAME: The Marijuana Show

BUSINESS DESCRIPTION: Wendy Robbins and Karen Paull created The Marijuana Show in the summer of 2014. The show's concept was created initially as a means to help entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry create a blue print to success and investment, yet it skyrocketed into a widely critically acclaimed television show with over 250 Million press reach, over 18 Million in funding offered to contestants, two full seasons, and distribution on Amazon Prime. Directed by two-time Emmy Award winner Wendy Robbins, current projections are 75 Million reach with over 10 Million viewers in 2017-2018.  Additionally, the shows producers launched an educational series called, "Bud Camp" where Entrepreneurs can take free and fee-based classes in the areas of marketing, legal, dispensaries, licenses, edibles, investment and much more.Wendy and Karen are highly successful and speak on many conference stages, as experts in the industry. They were both recently named in the top 50 most important Women in the Cannabis Industry.