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STOP guessing and start growing your cannabiz on instagram

In this eBook you'll learn:


🌼 How to overcome Instagram’s cannabiz restrictions with actionable, proven tactics 


✅ How to safeguard your account with organic growth strategies 


🎯 How to create highly optimized content your target audience craves


💚 How to convert real, targeted followers into loyal brand advocates 


🚀 How to grow your cannabrand on Instagram and beyond 

Are you?


Frustrated by Instagram CENSORSING cannabis content?


Struggling to connect with your target audience despite posting?


Overwhelmed by what type of content to share and feeling stuck? 


Confused by how to protect your account from being flagged or shut down? 


Discouraged by how to grow your cannabiz when you can't pay to advertise?


If you answered YES to any of these statements, this Ebook is for you! 



Instagram is a powerful platform.

Clocking in at over 1 billion users, it has become one of the most influential social media sites in the world.

As cannabis entrepreneurs and advocates, we have an incredible opportunity to not only build our businesses but to help stop the stigma.

Education is one of our most powerful assets of change

Yet, Instagram is also increasingly targeting cannabis accounts. 

You may be cautious about how to approach this platform.

And rightfully so!

It is extremely challenging marketing a cannabis company on Instagram. 

Cannabis brands are prohibited from paid advertising while also facing censorship. However, despite these challenges, there are still HUGE opportunities here!

Through Instagram, You Can: 



Share your cannabis message and Change lives



Create a community of raving fans who support your brand 



Boost your engagement without paying for advertising 



Expand your cannabrand into local and global communities



Convert your Instagram followers into business leads



Build long-term brand equity on and off Instagram


High there! 

I’m Rachel Garland, the creator of Women of Cannabiz.

My love for cannabis and entrepreneurship led me to launch an online space dedicated to empowering women in combining passion + purpose in the cannabis industry. 

From day one, Instagram has been game-changing for turning this vision into reality.

When I started Women of Cannabiz, I was still living in the states and located in North Carolina. Outside of a few freelance writing clients, I had zero contacts in the cannabis industry. 

Instagram enabled me to connect with cannabis women around the world.

And that’s just the beginning! 

In fact, I’ve been able to: 

*Help spread cannabis education and stop the stigma

*Elevate women entrepreneurs in the cannabis space

*Build lasting friendships with cannabis advocates across the world

*Share my truth, travel the world, and inspire others

*Receive free products and event tickets

*Earn money by doing what I love and helping others in the process

*And so much more!

This is why I’m so passionate about helping cannabis brands use Instagram! I have seen and experienced the effects first hand.

However, I also know you need the right approach to survive, let alone thrive in this space. 

Operating in cannabis is unlike any other industry.

You’re facing tremendous challenges – legally, financially, and culturally

I want to equip you with the information and resources to bring your cannabis message to the masses.

In this Ebook, I break down the tried-and-tested methods I have used to grow @WomenofCannabiz_com on Instagram.

My aim is to give you the knowledge, tools, and resources to help you overcome the restrictions and flourish

What Makes this Ebook Unique? 



 I’m only teaching you tried and tested methods I have personally used over the past 2 years building @WomenofCannabiz_com



it's the FIRST eBook to Address the Unique Challenges Cannabis Companies Face on Instagram 



By the end, you’ll know time-tested strategies to organically generate more likes, comments, followers, and business – all without jeopardizing your account or paying for advertising. 

Ebook Bonuses



Instagram Profile Checklist

Set your account up for success from the start. A handy checklist to optimize your Instagram profile. 



1 Month of Instagram Posts

Plan your content in advance to consistently provide value and grow your business. A monthly content guide for cannabis brands. 



5 Instagram Story Hacks

Create stories that stand out. Discover helpful hacks that will elevate your Instagram stories game.   

Instagram Marketing eBook
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 Who is this Ebook for?


Anyone who is passionate about cannabis and wants to grow their impact, influence, and income on Instagram


Anyone who is a cannabis entrepreneur, educator, influencer, connoisseur, blogger, or entertainer (Yes – newbies welcome!😊) 


Anyone who wants to know actionable tips and techniques they can take to help protect their Instagram account and build their business  


Anyone who is committed to not just reading but taking action to bring their vision to reality


Note: This Ebook is not intended for passive participants. 

 Three Reasons to Buy This Ebook right Now


Stop guessing and start growing your cannabiz on Instagram by setting up your account for long-term success


Find clear, step-by-step directions you can take to immediately protect your account


Learn valuable skills that will help you build a thriving community of raving fans who support you.

Instagram Marketing eBook
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