Ultimate Wish List for Women Who Love Hemp and Cannabis

Ultimate Wish List for Women Who Love Hemp and Cannabis

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Sponsored post by Amandine Ayala, Founder of AMP Smoking

Are you shopping for a special woman in your life who loves Mary Jane as much as you do?

Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Whether your lucky lady loves beautiful bongs or soothing CBD oils, we have you covered.

Check out our ultimate hemp and cannabis wish list below.

#1 Intimate CBD Oil

Searching for a present for your partner? Share the gift of love this holiday season. Indulge in Intimate CBD Oil. Specifically formulated to enhance pleasure, this cannabinoid powered infusion is made with 100% natural ingredients.

#2 Organic, Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

Cannabidiol is growing in popularity, and for good reason. More people are discovering the life enhancing effects of this natural supplement. CBD is non-psychoactive and offers relief for a wide variety of ailments. Look for Organic Full-Spectrum CBD Oil for maximum benefit.

#3 Rainbow Grinder

Do you know a woman in your life who just shines? Show her how much she means to you with this gorgeous Rainbow Grinder. The 4 piece system includes a kief tray, making sure the good stuff never goes to waste.  

#4 Oil & Herb Bong

Calling all cannabis lovers, you need this Oil and Herb Bong. Whether you’re shopping for your girlfriend or yourself, you can’t go wrong with this purple piece. Best of all? It’s designed for oil and herbs. Which means you get twice the power from a single piece!

#5 Hemp Coffee Scrub

Do you have a woman in your life who is in some major need of stress relief? This Hemp Coffee Scrub makes a great gift! Made with all natural, organic, and non-GMO ingredients, each scrub is sourced from Colorado grown hemp. Sustainable and soothing, you can’t go wrong with this present.

#6 Unrefined Rolling Papers & Tips

Let the good times roll with these priceless papers. RAW’s Natural Unrefined Rolling Papers and Tips are the ultimate go-to. After all, this package includes papers and tips, providing everything you need in one convenient place.

#7 DaVinci MIQRO

Do you know a woman who is always on the go? This compact, portable vape is sure to be a hit! The DaVinci MIQRO is a small yet powerful vaporizer. With 4 unique heat settings, this vapor preservers purity while delivering powerful, tasty, and fresh hits.

#8 Genius Pipe

Bongs and bubblers are fun. But they’re also messy. That’s where the Genius Pipe comes into play. This unique piece uses a patented waterless filtration system for maximum flavor. For the flower connoisseurs in your life, gifting them this pipe is, well, genius.

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