7 High CBD Strains for Staying Focused

By: Rachel Garland

Are you interested in trying high CBD strains?

Cannabidiol is quickly growing in popularity, and for good reason! CBD has been linked to a wide range of health benefits, including enhanced focus.

If you’re thinking about consuming CBD-rich flower…

Keep reading for these top seven picks.

#1 Harlequin


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Sativa dominant Harlequin features impressive CBD content. Expect to feel relaxed, happy, and focused. Ideal for targeting pain without inducing anxiety. In fact, many users on Leafly shared that Harlequin actually reduced feelings of paranoia and anxiety, arguably due to the high CBD and low THC ratio.

#2 Cannatonic


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Cannatonic is a hybrid descendant of MK Ultra and G13 Haze. This unique CBD-rich strain was purposely bred for minimal THC content. Feel your stress melt away as your body and mind relax. This strain is a great choice for days when you have a lot of tasks and very little time.

#3 Ringo’s Gift


Image courtesy of Leafly

A cross between two other strains on our list (Harle-Tsu and ACDC) Ringo’s Gift offers the best of both worlds. Depending on the variety, this strain features a wide range of CBD to THC content. Therefore, if you’re looking for mellow cerebral effects, search for a high CBD option.



Image courtesy of Leafly

Sativa dominant strain ACDC is distinguished by its outstanding THC to CBD ratio of 1:20. Therefore, don’t expect a strong buzz from this strain. However! While ACDC does not provide psychoactive effects, it’s known to alleviate anxiety and pain. In fact, many users find this strain improves their mental clarity and focus.

#5 Harle-Tsu


Image courtesy of Leafly

Get in the zone with Harle-Tsu. This CBD-rich strain will leave you feeling relaxed and calm. Ideal for those sensitive to the effects of THC, Harle-Tsu offers a unique mix of euphoria followed by a period of focused concentration.

#6 Pennywise


Image courtesy of Leafly

Indica Pennywise traces its lineage to Jack the Ripper and Harlequin, thus the spooky namesake. Nevertheless, this strain is all bliss. With a balanced ratio of CBD to THC, the psychoactive effects are mild. While your body is relaxed, your mind is sharp. Hence why this strain is perfect for times when you need to stay focused.

#7 Sour Tsunami


Image courtesy of Leafly

Searching for a high CBD strain? Look no further than hybrid Sour Tsunami. In fact, this strain was one of the first varieties developed specifically for more CBD content. The result is aromatic and tasty buds that deliver a balanced buzz. Sour Tsunami is known to induce euphoria, reduce pain, and increase concentration.

What’s your favorite high CBD strain?

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