3 Must Have Cannabis Accessories for People Who Love PAX Vaporizers

3 Must Have Cannabis Accessories for People Who Love PAX Vaporizers


Sponsored by Juliana and Gianna Franzone, founders of BudKups

PAX® is the registered trademark of PAX Labs., Inc. VPC is not associated with or sponsored by PAX Labs., Inc.

Are you a fan of PAX® Vaporizers?

It’s OK to admit if you think they’re the best thing to happen to cannabis vaporizers since sliced bread...

You wouldn’t be alone!

In fact, PAX® is an industry leader in vaping technology.

Their vapes are discreet, sleek, and versatile. Plus they can be used with flower, concentrate, or extracts.

If you’re a cannabis connoisseur who has an appreciation for high quality, it’s easy to see why these vaporizers would be right up your alley.

But even the most passionate aficionados can agree, there are always ways to make your experience even better and easier…

That’s where BudKups comes in!

Their team of engineers and vaping enthusiasts aimed at making vaping as simple and portable as possible.

They’ve created a unique line of products to create an elevated experience, whenever and wherever you want.

Check out their 3 must have cannabis vaping accessories below!

#1 BudKups

Enjoy a smooth draw, quick heat, and big clouds with BudKups Generation 3.0

Their newest loading capsule for PAX2/3® is engineered for optimal heating and vapor production.

Which means you get all the vapor without all the hassle.

Plus, you can pack multiple BudKups at once. So you’ll always have fresh flowers on hand.

Swap out a spent cartridge and pop in a fresh one in seconds. No more grinding and loading on the go.

Making BudKups your perfect travel accessory.

Best of all?

All the mess stays in the BudKups, which means you rarely have to clean your PAX.

Each capsule is reusable for a truly green vaping experience.

#2 Bud Case

You’ve packed your BudKups and you’re ready to start your day…

Only one problem, how do you store it?

After all, if you want to stay low-key, you have to think about odor, portability, and convenience.

Luckily, BudKups already has you covered.

The BudKups Case is designed to discreetly store and carry your vaping accessories. Their high grade foam keeps your BudKups secure + reduces odor.

Which means you can truly enjoy an elevated experience - anytime, anywhere.

If you’re concerned about a carrying case being too bulky, don’t worry, they’ve already thought about that too.

The BudKups Case is pocket-sized for ultimate convenience.

#3 BudKups Packing System

Are you someone who enjoys vaping throughout the day?

If so, then you probably know first hand just how frustrating constantly packing and cleaning a vape can be.

It’s often a messy, and time-consuming process.

When you just want a puff of delicious flower, let’s be honest here, who has time for all that?

Leave it up to the engineers at BudKups to make our lives even easier!

Their team has designed a unique system that allows you to place 6 BudKups in a row and pour finely ground herb into each capsule to deliver a consistently fast, fresh supply.

Talk about convenient!

Great for times when you want to hit the town or days when you want to stay at home, the BudKups Packing System is the ideal vaping companion.

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BudKups mission is to make their customers’ lives easier - developing products that take the mess and hassle out of vaping. Founders, Gianna and Juliana Franzone and their team have created accessories for you to pack and carry multiple pre-loaded doses of your herb with you, giving you the freedom and flexibility to create elevated experience whenever and wherever you want. With BudKups, you can go beyond the grind.

PAX® is the registered trademark of PAX Labs., Inc. VPC is not associated with or sponsored by PAX Labs., Inc.