15 Festive Christmas Cannabis Strains

15 Festive Christmas Cannabis Strains

By: Rachel Garland

Can you believe it, Christmas is right around the corner?

The holidays are one of the most magical times of the year.

While you’re making your list and checking it twice, there’s something that can make your experience so much sweeter…

Cannabis, of course!

Keep reading for a roundup of the best cannabis Christmas strains.

#1 Candy Cane


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Cannabis and candy canes on Christmas, what more can you ask for? This indica strain will leave you feeling joyful and relaxed. With a distinctly sweet taste, there’s a reason Candy Cane will be a holiday staple.

#2 Sugar Plum


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May your days be filled with magic and cheer with this delicious strain. Sativa dominant Sugar Plum is a sweet treat start to finish. The THC content in this strain has been recorded as high as 28% A cerebral and uplifting buzz, you’ll be merry all season long.

#3 Jack Frost


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Are you planning on heading to a holiday party? If so, make sure to bring Jack Frost with you. This hybrid strain offers the best of both worlds. The euphoric and energizing buzz will keep your spirits high throughout the holidays.

#4 Chocolate Chunk


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Feel your stress melt away with soothing Chocolate Chunk. The ultimate indulgence, this pure indica strain will relax every part of your body. A rich, earthy aroma, provides a robust range of flavors for a truly decadent experience.

#5 Snowcap


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You’ll be dreaming of a white Christmas with this strain. Snowcap is a hybrid that is the perfect blend for busy days. The unique lemon and menthol aroma immediately entices the senses, offering a delicious burst of flavor alongside potency.

#6 Santa Sativa


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Naughty or nice, Santa Sativa should be on your Cannabis Christmas list. A sativa dominant strain, the uplifting high is great for times when you need to knock off a lot on your to-do list. Add in the berry and pine aroma, all will be merry and bright.

#7 Fire OG


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Stay toasted with Fire OG. This powerful hybrid is fast-acting and long-lasting. Expect a cerebral, mellow buzz. Ideal for staying awake during the day (especially when you’re shopping list is sky high) or when you need a good night’s sleep.

#8 Sugar Cookie


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Is there anything better than cookies at Christmas? A Sugar Cookie. Straight up, this indica-dominant hybrid is a sweet experience start to finish. The fruity, berry flavors will satisfy any sweet tooth.

#9 Red Haze


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You’ll be prepared to deck the halls with sativa Red Haze on your hands. The invigorating buzz is euphoric and energizing. Similar to a shot of espresso, this strain is the ultimate companion when you’re prepping for the holidays.

#10 Champagne Kush


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What better way to celebrate the season than with Champagne Kush? A hybrid strain, the sweets flavor delivers a euphoric high. Heavier at higher doses, this strain is best used in moderation.

#11 Frostbite


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Let it snow as long as you have sativa Frostbite around. The pungent aroma is a blend of spice, skunk, and earth. A mellow and relaxing buzz, you’ll feel at peace, even if the weather is frightful.

#12 Sweet Dreams


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Does the holiday hustle and bustle have you down? Say hello to Sweet Dreams. An indica-dominant hybrid, this strain is truly sweet as it sounds. The skunky yet fruit flavor will leave you dreaming of sugarplums and dew drops all night long.

#13 Cream Caramel


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Have yourself a Merry Kushmas with Cream Caramel. A strong indica, it eases stress while uplifting your mood. Slightly sedative, this festive strain is best saved for evening use.

#14 Green Candy


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Tis’ the season to be jolly, and with sativa Green Candy on your side, you’ll be feeling fine. It offers long-lasting euphoria. Ideal for tackling holiday shopping and house cleaning, this strain should be on your Christmas list.

#15 Peppermint Cookies


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Don’t tell Santa about these cookies, because you’ll want them all to yourself. Hybrid Peppermint Cookies immediately excites your senses with a distinct minty aroma followed by a rich earthy flavor. These beautiful buds will keep you buzzed and baked for the holidaze.

What’s your favorite Cannabis Christmas strain?

Share your top picks below!

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