Meg Champion

Meg Champion is a third generation cannabis farmer in Mendocino County, California. Growing up in a small town in the Emerald Triangle, she learned the art and science of cultivation from highly respected cannabis cultivators in the community – her own family. Over the years, Meg had the opportunity to work at a number of outdoor farms during harvest season. In fact, her first paid job involved working as a trimmer. As the years went by, Meg perfected her craft. Today, Meg uses her expertise in cultivation and entrepreneurial spirit to lead Deviant Dabs – an artisanal cannabis concentrate company. Sourcing the cleanest, purest, and highest quality grown cannabis in Mendocino, Deviant Dabs specializes in compact wax, rosin, and shatter products geared towards women. When she isn't leading her team at Deviant Dabs, you can find Meg where she feels most at home, her garden.


We see that you've been farming your whole life, what was it like trying to enter the legal industry? 

Is this a trick question? It has been a challenge on so many levels.

Growing up in the cannabis space we had a small circle of people we could trust. We were taught that these were the only people we could talk about cannabis with. Today, it's ok to about it openly with everyone. I still get nervous when asked questions about cannabis. 

I do love though that we don't have to live in so much fear today and we can be proud of what we do.

On the other hard, it's scary to know that a lot of large corporations are moving in and a lot of us small farms are going to struggle even more to make it.

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What do you enjoy most about what you do?

I love going into my garden, it's like working meditation. I forget about the phone, computer, and the rest of my daily life. I'm in the moment when I'm there. I get into a zone with my girls and the land. I turn into a kid again when I'm in nature. 

How has cannabis influenced your life?

This isn’t something I can answer shortly. It would be a book. Without cannabis, I wouldn’t be who I am today.

I have been through so much with this miracle plant. Cannabis has provided me with the ability to be a single mom, have a flexible life, make new relationships, and now start my own company.

It has helped me become a stronger person and stand up for what I believe in. Cannabis has taught me to never give up.


Name some common mistakes cannabis cultivators make

It's easy to under water or over water plants because the climates change so much in Northern, California. I would say, regardless of your location, you have to be on top of watching your plants.

Each plant is unique. I see now more than ever people are trying to throw plants on drop systems and assume the same amount of water every day at the same time is what every plant needs. In my opinion, some plants grow faster and some grow slower. Some plants will use more water if they are in the center of a greenhouse versus the edge. 

The most important thing is to know your plants. 


Any tips for avoiding pests in your grow?

Be sure to keep a clean environment. If you have a friend coming over, don’t just let them go into your garden. They can easily have something on them that could disturb your plants.

Ladybugs help with pests, so about once a week I let a few packs of them go in my garden.


What are your thoughts on indoor versus sungrow cannabis?

We could start a debate here. Personally, I think that outdoor is a much cleaner product and environmentally friendly way of growing.

On the other hand, indoor if it's grown properly can be an amazing product. You have a controlled environment which can make it easier to manage issues that pop up. 


Name one thing most people would be surprised to know about cultivating cannabis

It's not easy and you don’t make million’s of dollars. At times you work more than if you had a 9-5.

Where do you see cannabis cultivation in the next 20 years?

At this point, it’s hard to tell with all the gray areas involved. 

I hope that the small cannabis farmers who have been the backbone of this industry and who have been fighting for their rights to use and share this magical plant don’t get washed away by large corporations. We need our moms and pops.


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