Katie Tarasiouk

Helping others heal is the driving motivation for cannabis entrepreneur Katie Tarasiouk. No stranger to the wellness world, she's been active in the natural health industry for over 10 years. Katie holds degrees in Holistic Health and Acupuncture. But it was a deeply personal experience that led her to the cannabis space. Katie's mother was diagnosed with brain cancer. As the cancer progressed, her mother began experiencing severe seizures. While in hospice care and with the doctor's blessing, Katie began administering CBD oil. The difference was incredible. After Cannabidiol, her mother was instantly relaxed and seizure-free. In fact, during the last months of her mother's life, she did not have another seizure. Katie knew that she needed to help share this knowledge with the world. It's what led her to launch Hemp Element. Today Katie's mission is to raise health awareness about CBD while providing pure and ethical products.


What inspired you to enter the cannabis industry? 

Truthfully, my mama inspired me both by the way she lived her life and then taking care of her in hospice at the end of her battle with brain cancer. I spent all my time there and my priority was her comfort. After I witnessed her seizures I started looking into CBD oil and got the doctors permission to administer it to her. I saw how much CBD relaxed her and in those eight months she didn’t have anymore seizures. That is when I knew I wanted to bring health awareness around CBD and hemp while providing pure and ethical products for others. 


Tell us more about Hemp Element

The most important element in using this medicine is knowledge. I’ve been in the natural health industry for over 10 years. I currently hold diplomas in Holistic Health and Acupuncture. This is my passion, I love helping people in their health journey. In the cannabis industry with all the new information and studies coming out I feel inspired and excited to learn more everyday and provide the best information and products. Hemp Element is a space of community and education, I want people to feel empowered to use this incredible plant. 

What type of products do you offer?

We have CBD and hemp products that are ethical, pure and high-quality. I believe everyone deserves the best quality products to thrive with maximum benefits without jeopardizing the earth and animals . We carry skincare, capsules, oils, hemp foods, oral sprays and pet products.

How has cannabis influenced your life?

In a big way!!! Using CBD to help my mama made me see how much I want to share, educate and inspire people to learn about CBD and hemp. 

Being passionate about the industry has definitely made me come out of my comfort zone. It’s truly incredible to be able to help people understand it’s healing power. It has helped me be more confident and creative.


What have been your biggest hurdles operating in the cannabis industry so far?

Working with family, I have realized that even though it’s family it doesn’t mean that we will see eye to eye in business.

How have you been able to overcome these challenges?

Staying true to myself. Knowing that I have it in me what it takes and do it my way. Listening to my intuition and surrounding myself with loving and honest friends.

Name the top 3 skills every cannabis entrepreneur needs: 


Curiosity and Knowledge 

Don’t take your self too seriously, have fun along the way and work hard. 


What is the best advice you've received recently? 

“If this was easy everybody would be doing it.” Some days are hard and I wonder…. “what am I doing?!” But then I quiet my mind and listen to my heart and remember that my life’s purpose it to help people.

Any tips for maintaining a work/life balance? 

"Take care of yourself first and then you can take very good care of the rest of the world.”

Something that I am learning how to do. 

Self-care is big. I have to be conscious and aware and dedicate that time to myself. It’s very easy to get caught up and not stop because there is always something to do as a business owner. My self-care practices include: going on walks in the forest or by the ocean (love the ocean! It’s my happy place), making delicious food and hanging out with my husband and girlfriends.


What are your favorite resources/tools for your business and why? 

I love Canva! I create my Intagram photos on there, it’s really fun and easy to use. Feedly is awesome for great articles, studies and inspirations.

If you could offer an aspiring cannabis entrepreneur one piece of advice, what would it be? 

Stay true to yourself and create from the heart, that is where the magic is.

Narrow in on what aspect of the plant you want to offer and really sink into it. For encouragement along the way listen to your favorite empowering music, for me it’s hip-hop!