Katherine Saab

Flower child of the 60’s to a professional Cannabis Content Writer, Katherine Saab has appreciated Mary Jane for years. As a Yoga teacher and professional dancer, she understood cannabis was an enhancement to her creative energy, physical flexibility and grace in movement. However, in 2014, her life changed instantly. Katherine developed a squamous cell skin cancer on her forearm. The doctors advised removing a large portion of her arm. Instead, Katherine turned to Rick Simpson Oil. In less than 3 months, the cancer was healed. Astounding medical professionals and family alike, she knew there was so much more to this plant than what we had been led to believe. Today, Katherine Saab is dedicated to creating, writing, and sharing cannabis education to raise awareness.


What inspired you to enter the cannabis industry? 

 Cannabis has been a part of my life since my teen years in the 1960’s in Southern California. Smoking pot was always a positive experience for me. As a Yoga teacher and professional dancer, I always understood that cannabis was an enhancement to my creative energy, physical flexibility and grace in movement.

 Medical cannabis was first made ‘legal’ in California in 1996; prohibition was fully instated in 1937 with the Marijuana Tax Act, that’s 59 years! The relatively recent recognition of the medical benefits of cannabis created an entirely new perspective of ‘pot’ for many people, and of course that continues to increase daily!

My personal experience with using cannabis medically was definitely a game changer for me, in terms of having a passion to share this healing plant with others.


In 2014 I developed a huge squamous cell skin cancer on my forearm. At the time, I was living in an illegal state. I knew I did not want to have a large chunk of my arm removed, therefore, I did extensive research and discovered, with help from my cousin, a way to make Rick Simpson Oil, (cannabis oil) in a small batch, at home. Long story short, in less than 3 months the cancer was healed and, Thank God, has not returned.

From the entrepreneurial perspective, I decided that creating, writing and sharing cannabis, CBD and hemp content online was a great way to contribute to the growing awareness of the benefits of this wonderful plant! I have always been passionate about natural health and wellness, so this industry is definitely a ‘natural’ for me! It also served as a dream business model for my nomadic tendencies!

Tell us more about your hemp, cbd, and cannabis writing services?

My cannabis content writing services include blog posts, articles, web content, newsletters and E-books for online businesses and publications.

I really enjoy meeting and interacting with cannabis, CBD and hemp business owners. Usually, business owners don’t have the time to write their own content for their websites, blogs and other branding and marketing materials. They do value the need to be consistently creating and publishing relevant content for brand building; however, their skills are better utilized in the fundamental components of their product and or services. That’s where I can step in and help!

I enjoy it because I am always learning something new in terms of the many areas of business in the cannabis and hemp industries. Also, it goes without saying, that I am constantly learning more about cannabis, CBD and hemp! It is both fun and rewarding to be a part of this pioneering time for cannabis entrepreneurs

How has cannabis influenced your life?

Cannabis, as I stated before, has clearly been an intricate part of my life for many years and throughout my many jobs and business ventures.  I smoke very small amounts, daily. I suppose in today’s climate, you might consider it micro dosing,

(wink, wink). That is what has always worked for me!

More recently, I have been taking CBD, sublingually, before bed and I love it! My night’s sleep is wonderfully deep and I feel a lovely sense of calm during the day.


 What have been your biggest hurdles operating in the cannabis industry so far?

 Because of the nature of what I do in the cannabis industry, writing content, I really do not experience big industry hurdles. Obviously, the ongoing legal challenges affect everyone in the industry, to greater or lesser degrees. It is different than the challenge experienced by business owners that grow, extract and sell product.

As a content writer, I am able to help these business owners build their business and brand. This allows them to be free to utilize their time and energy to clear those hurdles with greater ease!

 Name the top 3 skills every cannabis entrepreneur needs 

The top 3 skills for cannabis entrepreneurs, in my opinion, would be passion, tenacity and flexibility! Having a passion for what you are doing and creating, in any business, is the main ingredient for success. Then comes the strength to stick to it, regardless of the bumps and potholes along the road! In order to have that passionate tenacity, it is also necessary to be flexible and willing to make the essential adjustments along the way.

Keep your eye on the prize!


 What is the best advice you've received recently?

 Rise above the neutral language of ‘good job’ and capable! Be great, awesome and world rocking! Seize your rare, perfect moment with all the passion in your body and spirit. Once you embrace the right opportunity, it won’t want to leave you!

Any tips for maintaining a work/life balance?

 Work hard, laugh even harder and play along the way!


If you could offer an aspiring cannabis entrepreneur one piece of advice, what would it be?

 Define your dream, be clear, be genuine, with yourself and others, make a plan and work the plan! Stay inspired! Don’t give up! You’ve got this!