Jasmine Anderson

Jasmine Anderson is a Utah-based cannabis creative and the woman behind Peace Pokers. Inspired by her love of nature, her smoking accessories embody a conscious reminder to live in the present and take time for peace. It was just two years ago though when Jasmine went through a major transformation that led her to the cannabis industry. Burned out and stressed, Jasmine felt lost. In a constant state of busy, she found herself running from one thing to the next. She was completely overwhelmed. Jasmine had reached her breaking point. She decided that day forward she would make it a goal to practice yoga and meditation daily. For the first time, Jasmine was beginning to feel an inner sense of peace. This inner growth and outlook changed her life from the inside out. Jasmine finally felt like she was living. It was during this period that inspiration struck. Searching for a bobby pin one afternoon, she found out that her boyfriend was using it to clean out her piece. Jasmine realized there had to be a better way. 

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What inspired you to launch Peace Pokers?

About two years ago, I was feeling pretty unhappy with my current outlook on life. I was having issues in my relationship, I was granted custody of my eleven-year-old sister, I was running a company, and I was in a constant rush to get everything done. One day I just got to the point where I knew that something had to change. I made a goal to practice yoga and meditation daily and the inner growth and outlook I gained from this new way of living changed me
from the inside out. 

I began to feel more at peace than I ever had because I finally allowed myself to slow down and live. Once I allowed myself to be in the present, everything that was once a huge deal, suddenly was perfectly okay. I realized that the highs and lows are a part of the process. I finally understood the concept that the good times can't exist without the bad. Life is a perfect balance. It was through this inner transformation, I started gaining more confidence in myself and began to explore new outlets of expression. I began to create. I took my love and deep connection with nature and incorporated that into daily objects.


Peace Pokers began to grow roots and sprout after I was searching my house for a bobby pin one day, and came to find my boyfriend at the time was using it to clean out the pipe. I saw the need for a smoking accessory that would save bobby pins everywhere ๐Ÿ˜‚. I decided to create something that was not only a high-quality product but a product that was infused the message I learned over the course of that year.

As my hobby and ideas have grown, my message and inspiration has stayed constant. I wanted to create something that was not only a high-quality product, infused with nature but also a conscious reminder. For most, life is busy and we are constantly on the go. We hardly take time for ourselves and if we do, it's hard to not think about all of the things you could and should be doing. I chose the name Peace Pokers because I wanted to embody the traditional meaning and feeling behind, โ€œa smoke breakโ€ which I believe is a time to destress, relax, breathe, and a time for PEACE

How has cannabis influenced your life?

Shortly after I was introduced to this natural healer, I started looking deeper into the meaning of life and began to question things that I had never thought about before. I realized the need in my life to slow down and enjoy the moments we have. Iโ€™m grateful for this medicine and the peace it can bring to people all over the world. This is why I have made the pledge to donate 5% of all peace poker sales to help aid the legalization of cannabis here in the United States.


What do you enjoy most about what you do?

The people. 100%. I love the connections that I have made with others, and I find that my number one driving force. 

How would you describe your creative process?

My creative process is colorful and free. I have no limits when it comes to creating. I often get ideas late at night and write them down in a notebook that I keep by my bedside. When I wake up, I meditate, practice yoga, make my morning coffee and allow the creative juices to flow through me. 


What does an average day look like for you? 

An average day for me? Wake up, throw on some good tunes and start my day by making my bed and cleaning up my room. Then I meditate and practice yoga. This is followed by my morning coffee and typically a motivational podcast. Then itโ€™s checking emails, fulfilling orders, making connections with others. I also run a Social Media and Marketing business and I usually spend a few hours making sure everything is caught up there. After my daily tasks are done I spend the second half of the day coming up with new ideas/creating and in the evening I relax. 


Any tips for maintaining a work/life balance?

SLOW DOWN. Make a list in the morning of what you need to get done. Prioritize what is most important and do the hardest things/most time-consuming things first. Set designated work hours and stick to them. 


 What inspires you as an artist?

Color, Emotion, and Intention


Any advice for someone who is interested in starting a creative business in the cannabis industry?

Make friends! Seriously, I have learned so much by simply reaching out to people that I respected in the industry. Secondly, donโ€™t lose heart. This industry is rapidly growing but always stick to your
morals, create something that makes people FEEl. 

Name 3 traits every cannabis entrepreneur needs

Drive, Dedication, Patience

If you could offer a cannabis entrepreneur one piece of advice, what would it be? 

Start small. If you have an idea, get the framework down. Figure out your goals. I believe this is the most important thing. Without goals, you have no direction and are left spinning your wheels.