Top 7 Podcasts for Cannabis Entrepreneurs

Top 7 Podcasts for Cannabis Entrepreneurs


By: Rachel Garland

Podcasts are game changing for cannabis entrepreneurs.

They’re easy to digest and completely mobile. Plus, the right podcast will not only inspire you, it will also drop some serious knowledge.

If you’re not taking advantage of these resources, you’re missing out. But we know you’re busy. Actually, scratch that, insanely busy.

So we’ve rounded up 7of the best podcasts for you.

#1 CannaInsider Podcast


Want advice from the best and brightest in the industry?

CannaInsider is a weekly podcast featuring cannabis industry leaders. Each week, host Matthew Kind, takes you behind the scenes interviewing the movers and shakers of the cannabis industry. The conversations are groundbreaking and insightful.

Hear directly from leaders in the cannabis industry on everything from to the best opportunities for new entrepreneurs to where the industry is headed.

#2 Marijuana Today Podcast

Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 10.06.59 AM.png

Stay up to date on the U.S. cannabis industry with the Marijuana Today Podcast.

Host Krist Lotlikar gives listeners an in-depth look at the business and politics of cannabis. Marijuana Today’s weekly podcast brings together top experts to discuss the latest developments in the cannabis industry along with the politics of legalization and the effectiveness of public policy.

Each episode is an hour long. It is a thorough discussion with some brightest minds in cannabis. 

#3 Cannabis Health Radio Podcast


Do you want to learn more about the health benefits of cannabis?

Cannabis Health Radio is one of the most extensive podcasts covering the medicinal aspects of cannabis. Hosts, Ian Jessop and Corrie Yelland, interview cannabis patients around the world about their experiences.

Educational and moving, each episode will remind you how cannabis changes lives. 

#4 Being Boss

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Be inspired by people who are crushing it in their industries with Being Boss.

While this podcast is not cannabis related (yet) it’s full of entrepreneurial wisdom. Hosts Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon share real, no bullshit business advice.

No matter where you're at on your entrepreneurial journey, this podcast will give you a confidence boost. Expect a wide range of topics, from how to successfully launch a product to market to overcoming limiting beliefs.

Being Boss will motivate you to achieve your goals.

#5 The Real Dirt Podcast


The Real Dirt is hosted by cannabis industry veteran, Chip Baker. Chip is one of the top cannabis technology and application experts in the United States.

In The Real Direct, he profiles cannabis pioneers from all segments of the industry. Each episode is fascinating and actionable.

Chip’s interviews provide powerful takeaways, tips, and insights for cannabis entrepreneurs. If you want to extract nuggets of cannabiz wisdom, dive into this podcast.

#6 Biz Chix Podcast


Focused on encouraging, promoting, and educating entrepreneurial women Biz Chix Podcast is an invaluable resource for entrepreneurs.

The podcast profiles successful entrepreneurs and host Natalie Eckdahl is not afraid to ask the tough questions. The discussions are eye opening and actionable. Expect to hear about business building, productivity, work-life balance, goal setting, failure, coaching and more. 

Although not cannabis focused, Biz Chix Podcast is full of valuable insights.

#7 Ganjapreneur Podcast


What does it really take to launch and run a successful cannabis business?

Learn directly from the entrepreneurs who have done it. The Ganjapreneur podcast features experts and activists who are at the forefront of the cannabis industry.

The Ganjapreneur Podcast is an excellent resource for aspiring and current cannabis entrepreneurs. Tuning in is free and new episodes are posted frequently.


What are your favorite podcasts? Let us know in the comments!



Rachel Garland is the founder of Women of Cannabiz. Passionate about cannabis, entrepreneurship, and remote work – she launched to elevate women worldwide. Her mission is to help women find where passion and purpose can align to manifest their visions to reality. When she isn’t interviewing cool cannabis women or sharing how to grow your cannabiz online, you can find her anywhere with palm trees and warm beaches.