7 Successful Cannabis Entrepreneurs Share Their Best Advice [Infographic]

7 Successful Cannabis Entrepreneurs Share Their Best Advice

Did you know women own roughly a quarter of the businesses in the cannabis industry? 

However, a recent survey from Marijuana Business Daily revealed these numbers are on the decline. The number of women holding executive positions in the cannabis industry has significantly fallen over the past two years.

Nevertheless, the number of women leaders in the cannabis industry outnumbers the general US workforce. In fact, only 5.2% of American CEO positions are filled by women. While the number of women executives in cannabis has dropped (from 36% to 27%) women are still making their stake in the United State's fastest growing industry.

Be inspired by 7 successful cannabis entrepreneurs who share their best advice. 

CannabisEntrepreneursBestAdvice (5).png
If you want to be the change do the change.
— Hana Gabrielová
Have the confidence to pursue your passions and never take no for an answer.
— The Dank Duchess
Be patient and be nimble. Cannabis is a quickly evolving industry.
— Stephanie Karasick
If you are afraid to skin your knee, you’re never going to learn how to ride a bike. Don’t let fear hold you back.
— Alexa Divett
Be an active and authentic advocate to support the change needed in the industry.
— Dasheeda Dawson
Don’t wait! Someone will beat you to your awesome idea if you don’t get on it yesterday. Don’t daydream, just go for it.
— Leslie Monroy
When you start a business, it is going to start out slow. But keep pursuing your dream. Doors are going to open for you if you stay true to your passion.
— Emerald Jade


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