15 Social Media Marketing Tips for Cannabis Entrepreneurs

15 Social Media Marketing Tips for Cannabis Entrepreneurs


Social media is a HUGE opportunity for cannabis brands. 

You have the chance to build brand awareness, share your message, drive sales, and make a real impact. But marketing a cannabis company is extremely challenging. You’re facing a federally illegal landscape where paid advertising options like Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, and Instagram Ads are off the table. On top of this, You’re also facing years of prohibition, rampant misinformation, and a heavy stigma.

Marketing in cannabis is unlike any other space.

You really have to consider how you’re presenting yourself and your business because this industry is not in a bubble. How we share the story of this plant will influence people’s perception of cannabis globally. No pressure. But as entrepreneurs and business owners, it’s incredibly difficult navigating this already turbulent terrain. Which is why I want to share with you 15 of my most valuable social media marketing tips. These are ORGANIC tactics that ANY cannabis business can use.

Whether you’re running a dispensary or you’re working in the ancillary side of the industry, these tips can take your brand to the next level.


Author: Rachel Garland

Rachel Garland is the founder of Women of Cannabiz. Passionate about cannabis, entrepreneurship, and remote work – she launched WomenofCannabiz.com to elevate women worldwide. Her mission is to help women find where passion and purpose can align to manifest their visions to reality. When she isn’t interviewing cool cannabis women or sharing how to grow your cannabiz online, you can find her anywhere with palm trees and warm beaches.