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Brice birdsall

As a cannabis experiential producer, I help businesses bring to life the essence of their brand through product launches, branded events, and custom merchandise. Integrating experience with a curated aesthetic, my aim is to create a space that allows for authenticity and connection.

Exhale Media Productions

Exhale Media is a women's cannabis lifestyle resource. We create cannabis-focused content with the caretaker, nurturer, super-woman in mind! From our published books to our online cooking show, "The Antidote" on YouTube, we strive to bring relevant and entertaining products and services to the world. We at Exhale Media believe that cannabis provides freedom to its users in a way that is unique to the individual, and we commit to being an oasis for that very expression of freedom.

MJ Lifestyle Magazine

MJ LIFESTYLE Magazine is devoted to evolving a Positive Community of Strong Women through Femininity, Open-Mindfulness, and Empowerment.  We believe we can inspire change by promoting diversity and radical inclusion; giving a space for proper recognition to Personal Stories, Entrepreneurs, Writers, Artists, and Social Activists.  Our Core Mission at MJ LIFESTYLE is to Lift the Stigma by Cultivating a Positive Image for Women and Cannabis.


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