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Exhale Media Productions

Exhale Media is a women's cannabis lifestyle resource. We create cannabis-focused content with the caretaker, nurturer, super-woman in mind! From our published books to our online cooking show, "The Antidote" on YouTube, we strive to bring relevant and entertaining products and services to the world. We at Exhale Media believe that cannabis provides freedom to its users in a way that is unique to the individual, and we commit to being an oasis for that very expression of freedom.

Kanabé Goods Co.

Kanabé Goods Co. are creators of therapeutic cannabis products for everyday use. The founders bring a passion for cannabis health and wellness products born out of a struggle to cope with various conditions such as Crohn’s disease, insomnia to stress and anxiety. They sought a natural way to cope with these various ailments when traditional therapies were causing side-effects and diminishing quality of life. The products were developed with cannabinoid and terpene profiles that work together to soothe various conditions. A natural alternative for pain, anxiety and skin conditions.

MJU High Dining

MJU High Dining is a division of Mary Jane University.  We take fine dining to new heights and produce foodie workshops such as the Sushi + Doobie Rolling Workshop as well as upscale dinner parties, private events and catering.  All infused with cannabis and education. 

Sneeky Snacks

Here at Sneeky Snacks we believe in following the initiative 71 compliant. We strive to create innovative ways for people to consume cannabis in a safe and welcoming way. We are committed to provide our consumers with quality edibles by testing consistency in potency and delivering the highest levels of food safety.


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