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Interviews Highlighting Female Entrepreneurs in the Cannabis Industry

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Women of Cannabiz is an online platform to inspire, educate, and elevate female cannabis entrepreneurs worldwide. Since launching June 2016, we've highlighted remarkable women across the globe. In fact, so far women from the United States, Mexico, Chile, Jamaica, Canada, The Netherlands, Spain, and the Czech Republic have been featured.

(You can view past interviews here.) 

The goal of the interviews are three-fold:


1.) Dispel damaging stigmas regarding women and cannabis


2.) Help women run cannabis companies grow


3.) Provide actionable insights/encouragement for cannabis entrepreneurs


Every interview is posted on our website and social media handles. Currently, the website averages between 4,800 to 5,200 page views per month with a combined following of 30,000+ fans. Women of Cannabiz has a highly engaged audience. Interviews featured on our Instagram receive an average of around 300 likes (or more) and 5-25+ comments. 

In addition to being featured on the website, each interview comes with:

*A Custom Bio

*1 Instagram Interview Post

*1 Twitter Interview Post

*1 Facebook Interview Post

*1 Pinterest Interview Post

*1 Newsletter Interview Highlight (your interview will be sent to our subscribers)

*Website & Social Media Links – links to your social media accounts & website will be included at the end of your interview

*2 Custom Graphics (1 header image and 1 interview image)

Custom Graphic – Interview Image

Custom Graphic – Interview Image

 Custom Graphic – Header Image

 Custom Graphic – Header Image

$149 Per interview

All payments handled via Paypal. Please note that the invoice must be submitted before the interview will be posted. 

Want to save more? View our interview packages below.


You may purchase a single interview for $149. You are not required to purchase a package for an interview. However, you will save between 15%-25% if you do.


1.) Select an interview package below


2.) Email contact@womenofcannabiz.com 📬 Subject Line – Women of Cannabiz Interview


3.) Fill out the interview questions

(The interview questions will be sent to you)


4.) Complete Paypal invoice


5.) Share the post once it goes live

*Note: Only interviews for female cannabis entrepreneurs are accepted.


Interview Packages

There are 3 different interview packages to choose from. Each package comes with an interview along with a listing in our cannabiz directory – the first cannabis business directory to feature exclusively female cannapreneurs. By purchasing a package, you receive all of the benefits of an interview PLUS dank resources to grow your business.

Did we mention you can save up to $155? 

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The Cannabiz Basics Package is ideal for emerging entrepreneurs. With this package, you'll receive 1 interview, 1 custom graphic and a 1 year listing in our cannabiz diretory. The custom graphic will be created by images you provide. Refer to the examples below for samples. By purchasing this package you will save 15% off the standard price.

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Build your cannabis brand with the Budding Entrepreneur Package. This package includes 1 interview, 2 custom graphics (reference examples above), 1 year listing in our cannabiz directory, and 1 sponsored Instagram post. The sponsored Instagram post will be a custom post of your choosing. Whether you want to promote a special, giveaway, event, product, or simply advertise your business – we will create a custom post to share with our 30,000+ followers on Instagram. By purchasing this package you will save 20% off the standard price. 

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Take your cannabis business to the next level with the Elevated Professional Package. This package includes 1 interview, 4 custom graphics (reference examples below), 1 year listing in our cannabiz directory, 2 sponsored Instagram posts AND 1 sponsored blog post. The sponsored blog post (up to 500 words) is designed to promote your business on our website. Whether you want to announce a special, giveaway, event, product, or simply advertise your business – we will write a custom blog post to boost your business. By purchasing this package you will save 25% off the standard price. 

Custom Graphic options

Each interview package comes with your choice of a custom graphic. Depending on which package to select, you will be able to choose between 1-4 graphic styles. Please note that you will need to include at least 1 highly quality picture with your interview. This way, we can create the best quality graphic for you.

You can view the graphic options below. 

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Graphic Style #1

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Graphic Style #2

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Graphic Style #3

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Graphic Style #4

Ready to grow?

If you're ready to grow your cannabis business with an Interview Package please email contact@womenofcannabiz.com or fill out the form below. Don't forget to include your name, business name, business description (3-5 sentences), business location, and the interview package (Cannabiz Basics, Budding Entrepreneur, or Elevated Professional) Once we receive your email, you will be sent the interview questions within 48 hours. 

*Note: only interviews for female cannabis entrepreneurs are accepted

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