Alexa Divett, LLC

I am a business coach and marketing strategist for the cannabis industry. I specialize in helping cannabis business owners and entrepreneurs achieve success through the implementation of solid business foundations and time tested marketing techniques.  I help cannabis business owners find their passions and use those passions to market, leverage and monetize their businesses. 


Budding Solutions is a boutique cannabis consulting firm. We provide a variety of consulting and management services including: Project Management, Cannabis License Application Preparation, Operations Management, Process Improvement, Marketing and Product Development for startups and established organizations in the Cannabis Industry. 

Faerie Jane

Faerie Jane is a lifestyle brand that celebrates cannabis through the art of adornment.  We offer fine feminine glass and metal jewelry that is perfect for special occasions and everyday wear.  We also offer cannabis consulting services and event production.

Sunnabis; Humboldt's Full Sun Farms

We are a family run farm that cultivates natural, sustainable, and environmentally and ecologically full sun cannabis. From this amazing plant we are able to provide patients with medicines that range from full flower to topicals to cooking oils and other products. We also donate a portion of our products at no cost to patients who cannot afford this medicine. 

Whole Plant Technologies

Mediumless aeroponic grow tray system. 30% more profitable than soil, coco coir drip irrigation, or rockwool systems. Consulting, installation, and service plans available.

7 Rays Marketing

7 Rays is a full-service marketing and qualitative research agency serving the cannabis industry. The agency always starts with one question: 'What is Your Higher Purpose?".  Because marketing just another product or service is boring and hard to do, especially when the competition is thick. 7 Rays focus is on developing the brand story and personality first so that the brand experience is what sells the product or service. 


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